A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way


I was on my way home yesterday from Raleigh and had to stop and get some gas.  The little store where I stopped had a man from Nepal working the counter.  We spoke briefy about his country and he seemed to enjoy someone to talk to.  I gave him an All that Glitters evangelistic CD and his face lit up with a smile.  He followed me all the way to my car to ask when I would be back in to see him.  I assure you that my next trip to Raleigh will take me right by his store.  I have a New Testament in his language that I plan to give to him next week.  I was amazed at how a little kindness toward this man opended doors to share the Gospel.  While we are busy running from place to place, remember to take the time to show kindness to someone.  It just may be the door God uses to give them the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


2 Responses to “A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Insteresting how God keeps bringing Nepal to the face of you and in turn GRBC. It will be interesting to see where this takes us.

  2. Debbie Thompson Says:

    Wow , God placed you in this man’s path, or the man in your path anyway, God is so good and I truly thank God for people like you as you always are preaching the gospel wherever you go. This is inspiring and a reminder that I need to witness more to strangers.

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