Tampa, FL


I’m in Tampa, FL to preach my elderly uncle’s funeral. He was very sick for some time and now is home with the Lord. This trip to Tampa reminds me of a trip I took there in 1974.  I was a college student on Christmas break. My elderly grandmother lived in Tampa at the time and was very close to death.  I made a quick trip to see her for the last time.  I had never talked with her about her relationship with the Lord but I  had doubts about her salvation.  I asked the family to let me have a few private moments with her before I went back to school.  In those few minutes we talked about her need for Jesus Christ. I still remember portions of the conversation.  After sharing the Gospel message I asked her to put her trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord.  She bowed her head in prayer and confessed Jesus as Lord.  As I turned to leave I said, “Grandma, do you know what this means?”  I was expecting her to say something about now being saved and ready for heaven.  Instead, she answered,  “Yes, I know it means a lot to me!” Hallelujah!  It means a lot to me too.


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