Fast & Pray for Sudan


If you’re not aware of recent developments in Sudan, please see this news article from CNN. Tomorrow, Jan 9, Southern Sudan will vote on whether to declare independence from the northern government dominated by Arab Muslims. As a country stained by decades of civil war, this vote could mean a great victory for the south or it could mean a bloody genocide. We don’t know what the outcome will be. But even with the recent blessing from Sudan’s president, the North may still attack the South, who holds the majority of the country’s oil. If war breaks out, then we can expect Sudanese refugees to flood into Northern Uganda by the tens of thousands, joining the already over 170,000 Sudanese refugees in Uganda currently. There is a huge need here.

Please pray for Rick Via Ministries as we plan & pray about taking an additional trip this year to Uganda to minister specifically to the refugees in the north. Pray for direction and safety as we seek the Lord’s face.

By His Grace,
Jacob Via

Also, please take a moment to read this exerpt from the blog His Voice for Sudan:


I have been involved in Sudan for 10 years and I have seen many victories and defeats in this time. Tomorrow is a monumental day in the history of Sudan. Here are several thoughts and ways that you can pray for the beautiful Sudanese.

1. It is a foregone conclusion the South will vote for independence. Please pray that violence would not break out during the next six months. Even with the vote, it will not go into effect until July. Therefore, THE NEXT SIX MONTHS ARE CRITICAL.

2. Pray for the North. Many believers and also many Southern Sudanese live in the North. Pray against any type of persecution. Also, pray for the souls of all the Northern Sudanese. One thing that many people forget is the North. THIS CAN’T HAPPEN! Every man is created in the image of God. Therefore, our burden for the North must be immense.

3. Even in the face of Southern independence it is important to remember the North would be an immediate neighbor of the South. Please pray for working relations that would promote peace.

4. Both the North and the South have big obstacles to overcome internally. It is a viable option for different rebel groups to try and overthrow the government. Please pray this does not happen and that a modern day Somalia does not come to fruition.

5. Pray for a profound work of nation building to happen in the North and the South. It will take a variety of areas of expertise to help in this process. This can be an incredibly exciting time for Sudan and the Sudanese people. Please pray the Lord awakens the hearts of people to invest in the needed areas.


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