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Memories of a Mentor

July 2, 2010

Yesterday, I attended the funeral of one of my mentors, Rev. Phil Day. Phil was the pastor who called a long haired hippy boy to be his youth pastor in 1976. I served as his youth pastor for 2 summers. In 1982, that same church would call me to be their pastor as Phil Day resigned. He came along side me for the next year to help me get established in ministry. He was full of encouragement, support, and wisdom. Brother Phil was a pure gospel preacher. He also peached the message at my ordination. The many souls that he lead to Jesus christ will rise up and call him blessed. I also call him blessed for the Godly influence he had on my life. Thank you brother Phil.

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Who Are Your Mentors?

May 27, 2010

In I Corthinthians 11:1  Paul said “be followers of  me even as I am of Christ”.  That is the statement of a real mentor. A man who’s life so reflects the Lord Jesus that others can safely follow his example and lifestyle and be better because they did.  If I know who your mentors are,  I can learn volumes about your character and the focus of your life.  I have been blessed by the influence of some godly mentors in my own life over the years.  These men were used of God to challenge, encourage and correct me when I needed it. Most of the time I needed It!

Two men in particular who God used in my life are both retired now.  Dr. Roy Fish, Professor of Evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Dr. Sumner Wemp, Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Evangelism at Liberty University have had a powerful impact on my life.  They helped shape the calling and direction of my life and ministry. I learned much from these men in the classroom, but I learned even more from just following their example.  Their own personal walk with God always left me wanting to Love my Savior as much as they did.  It was more than a lecture or a sermon.  It was the impact of a life surrendered  completely to the Lord Jesus.  At this point in my own journey I am wondering: “Will my life impact others the way these men have impacted mine? Will there be others who want to follow closely to our Lord because they saw and felt the grace of God demonstrated in my life?”

Take a moment and think of the men and women who have been your mentors.  Who are you going to mentor in return?